The Courts of Yir


The Courts of Yir

Yir, King of Kings


A nation of Kings

One nation, six thousand years old, rules the known world.

It is a nation of Kings. Spirit beings of great power bound to objects known as regalia that take human hosts known as Regents to rule through.

There are fourteen Kings, each with its own domain.

Yir, King of Kings, bound the fourteen together 6,024 years ago. Yir ended the petty wars, entombed the lawless Kings, buried the burning cities, and founded a nation that could weather the winds of time. Yir forged a law that binds both mortals and Kings, and through it he ended the cycle of tyranny and rebellion that had griped the continent since the fall of the old world into ruin. It is Yir alone that does not take regents. Yir alone that lives eternal.